“The immune support product you formulated for me has been remarkable. I felt a little late fall crud coming on and started feeling better almost immediately after I started taking it.”

“I've been taking the dream tincture every night in my tea before bed and am sleeping really really well!”

“I am a light sleeper and an insomniac many nights. I have been using the Dream Tincture in my tea at night and am truly sleeping well and waking up rested. Love it!”

“I used the Heal Me Salve for a rash I had on my arm. I was using hydrocortisone and it wasn’t helping. So I bought the Heal Me Salve and it truly worked on my rash after using it one time. It’s almost completely gone. Thanks Nicole!”

“I’ve used the Heal Me Salve for dry skin, mosquito and spider bites, burns, and small cuts. Works unbelievably well, near instant relief and ailed my most concerning issue (dry skin) completely in only two days.”

“The Heal Me Salve is such an amazing consistency. You did an incredible job, it smells faint and lovely. I just rubbed it all over my hands, elbows and knees.”

“ My mom bought the salve and she has a skin disease on her arms that’s really rare it makes her really self conscious, she used your salve and said it’s already better in one use. She’s hooked!”

“Sunny Hunny's Backyard Oxymel gets me moving, curbs my appetite, and is easy to take in my sparkling water. There is no nasty taste. I hope it will continue to be available. Good stuff.”

“Dream Tincture A+++ I sleep like a baby & LOVE it! Highly recommend.”

“I started using the body butter on my baby’s eczema/dry spots. Overnight there was a visible difference and after a month of consistent use (every evening post bath), the spots are gone and her skin is buttery soft and smooth! It means the most that I can heal her skin without the use of harmful or toxic chemicals. Thank you, Sunny Hunny!”

“The Heal Me Balm is my secret mom trick! Cuts, rashes, scrapes or even mild burns, it heals so quickly. Such a better alternative to Vaseline/Aquaphor/Triple Antibiotic Creams. It also is amazing as an overnight face mask that makes my skin feel rejuvenated from the inside out. Hello morning glow! Love this blend of powerful plants.”